Saturday, June 20, 2009

Haircuts at Home!

We normally take the kids to a fun kids only haircut place, but it is summer and they do not need fancy haircuts, besides their hair grows so fast! So, we bought some clippers at Target and after one session, they have already paid for themselves! Here are the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Photos. Can you guess which child behaved better???

Liam, before!

During - he looks like a little girl in this picture.
Holding still for daddy!
Almost done!
Dad is just putting on the finishing touches!
Cheese!!! (Note Tyler is in the background, already negotiating to avoid getting his haircut) Not too, bad, the light blond hair hides any mistakes, so his actually looks pretty good!
Tyler before - enjoying his last few moments of happiness!
Tyler during, he was pretty squirmy.
Tyler screaming! He hates it and is yelling that is hurts.
Tyler is pissed! Look at his face.
And there is the happy boy with his half, hack job of a haircut since he would not sit still. It actually isn't that bad. Ryan did a good job considering he had a screaming child for the entire 5 minutes that it took to cut his hair.
Yes, we will pay for a real haircut for Tyler before he starts Kindergarten!

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Anonymous said...

I think the haircuts look good. Tyler has the look of "Get me out of here I'm Tyler". Liam looks cuted buzzed. Another episode for reality TV???

Grammy will be there soon to rescue you Tyler.