Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winter Camping in April!

It warmed up a bit and a lot of the snow melted, there was still some cloud cover but not a half bad day after all. It was very pretty up where we were.

We also brought along indoor activities since we knew it might be cold, so here is Liam doing his new favorite thing, standing up! He likes to stand up and play on this play table and we put it up on one of the bunks for him to play with, Think he is having fun? I cant really tell!!!

Liam found a water bottle that became his new favortite toy for the day, he was obviously very happy with it.

Tyler went out for a bit to play in the snow and ended up throwing snow at Emmy who just tried to eat it. Tyler loves camping and has a ton of fun regardless of weather.

Our Modest campsite. Everyone else there was in full on travel trailers and fifth wheels, they must have thought we were crazy for being out there in tent trailer. I have extra insulation that I installed though for colder weather and we had an extra space heater that we brought along, it actually stayed pretty warm inside, a littel cramped with two kids, two parent, and a dog but we had fun none the less!

Saturday morning this is what we woke up to, very pretty but a little on the cold side.

Snow in April! And we went camping in it! Crazy peoples from OryGun!

I am writing this instead of Julie so bear with me this time. We recently had a new State Park (Stub Stewart) open here in Oregon (about 35 minutes from home), so we decided to get the trailer out and take a weekend trip to celebrate my sabbatical starting. We were supposed to go with some friends but they heard it was going to be cold and wussed out on us, I said "Its April, it wont be that cold, we are still going!" Well the day we were leaving we heard it might snow, good thing I had taken measures to add extra insulation to the trailer for colder weather camping (and hunting!). Anyhow, I picked Tyler up from school early and him and I took the trailer and got it all set up and then drove back to pick up Mom and Liam. We had cooked dinner before hand (great idea Hon!) and I was just building a fire when this crazy white stuff started coming down! Needless to say it didnt stop and we woke up to about 3" of snow in the campground. We had two heaters though so we stayed warm inside.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Walking?? Soon??

9 months old today!!

We stopped by a vineyard after the knife show in Eugene, there was an awesome view of the mountains, wow, there is a ton of snow out there still!

Tyler and Liam after our picnic lunch at the knife show!

Well, Liam has his sights set on walking, now that he has the crawling thing down he has no interest in crawling. He spent most of the day today pulling himself up into a standing position. I found him standing on the kitchen chairs, the dog's food dish stand, Tyler's step stool and all of his toys...He was only happy when he was standing or walking today.

Oh boy, what am I going to do?

I have some video to load up, I should have it up by tomorrow, since my laptop won't load video...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I had some computer glitches with my laptop...but I figured it out, so I was finally able to upload the video to Blogger. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We have movement!!

Liam is completely on the move!! He crawls all over the place and he has his sights set on walking. As of last night he started pulling himself up with my help into a standing position. He held onto his activity center and walked along side of it. Tyler didn't even crawl until he was 13 months I have this 8 month old that is showing signs on walking...what am I going to do!!?

It was pretty exciting tonight, I was on the phone with my mom and she was asking if Liam can put himself into the sitting position and I told her that he tries, but he can't yet and then like 30 seconds later he did it! He was crawling and then pulled himself into the sitting the position! It was crazy!!

Here is Liam doing a headstand. I have no idea what he is doing, but he loves to do this!! Last nigh was hairdo night in the bath!! Doesn't he look super-handsome?!?!

Look at my teeth (and my messy face!)

Mohawk!! Am I going to be a rockstar? (he has the screaming down, just right!!)
Look at those beautiful blue eyes and the crazy, finger in a light socket hair!

Stay tuned, we have a crazy several weeks coming up!! This weekend, we are headed down to Eugene for the annual knife show (Ryan likes to check these things out), then we are headed to a vineyard to check out some wine we have never had before. The weekend of April 19th we are going camping (hopefully the weather will be warm!!). Then Ryan's mom is coming in May for Mother's day and lastly, back to back camping weekends in May.....It is a good thing that Ryan gets to start his sabbatical for work next week (8 weeks paid OFF!!) He really needs it to focus on school!!!