Thursday, February 7, 2008

Long Overdue Post!!

Yeah, I know, I am pretty behind already on my blogging...but it has been a crazy week. The stomach flu has been going around, first Liam had it, then I had it, then Ryan had it (he got it the worst) then Liam again and then Tyler a little bit. Needless to say it has been a LONG week. On top of all that two girls in my office quit and left us in a lurch, so I've been working like crazy just to keep up!

Liam has really been enjoying his activity center....he loves to grab onto all the toys and spin around. Plus, he just loves to stand up, because he can see everything that his big brother is doing. He is learning lots of bad habits, already!! He is still working on crawling, he can now pull himself up on his hands and knees and lift his head up like he is about ready to take out!

On Saturday when I was sick, Tyler and Ryan went out for "Boys Night Out". They went to Red Robin for dinner and then OMSI to see the dinosaur bones and then to Cold Stone for ice cream. Tyler had lots of fun and of course, we are still on dinosaur overload.

Ryan bought Tyler another floor puzzle at OMSI and of course Tyler put it together in no time flat. He is good with the puzzles.

This is a picture of when Liam was sick last week, all he wanted to do was hang out in his Johnny Jumper! He just loves to bounce, bounce, bounce, but when he is done he lets you know RIGHT Away!!

We didn't make it to Tyler's swim class last weekend because I was sick, so hopefully he will go in the water this Saturday. I had to bribe him, they have a snack machine in the lobby and I told him that pick any snack he wants if he goes swimming for the entire class. Lets see what happens.