Monday, July 28, 2008

Dinner Menu for the week!

'Nuff Said.....

Grandpa....the kids are ready for the boat!!!

Bird Attacks the Zoo

On Sunday we went to the zoo...We all went into the parrot enclosure and if you pay $1, you can let the birds drink juice out of a cup. As soon as we got in, Ryan had a bird come right to him, then Tyler approached the bird and I think the bird got scared because it flew and hit Tyler right in the FACE! Tyler was OK, but he cried of course, he was pretty scared...once we got settled in a bit the birds starting coming right to Tyler.

Liam had so much fun! I think he would have walked the entire zoo if we let him. In the areas that weren't crowded we would let him out of his stroller and he loved to walk up to each area.

At lunch time we were able to catch a bird show and it was pretty cool. They had the audience sit on the lawn and they had eagles and hawks fly right over your head. The really cool thing was they had a bald eagle fly right over head. It was pretty amazing. The bird had a wing span of 8 feet!!

Party at the Park..Saturday

The weekend is supposed to be restful and relaxing...WHAT? Not when you have two kids with unlimited amounts of energy. We spent the day on Saturday at "The Party in the Park". It is at our local Park & Rec district facility. There was a car show...big boucing things, music and a bunch of other things. We went for a few hours. Liam had fun with the balloon and Tyler had fun looking at the cars and jumping!
The big rocket ship was BIG It was about 40 feet high and Tyler and Ryan waited in line for 1/2 hour to go down the slide. Ryan said that as soon as Tyler got to the top he just went right down the slide, he didn't even wait for Ryan. He was pretty happy!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

What a beautiful day on Wisteria Place!!!

We awoke on Thursday morning and what a beautiful day!! The skies were a gorgeous blue. The air was crisp and dry. The birds were singing, just a beautiful day...then I look out my window and see something...

Looks like we have been professionally T.P.'ed!!!

Even our neighbor's house was hit hard, but not as hard as ours!!

Ok, so here's the story. So, across the street from us we have a couple of teenage girls, Lexi and Hailey. They are pretty cool girls and Ryan and our neighbor Marty give them a hard time every once in a while. Plus, about 4-5 times a year their trees get T.P.'ed. A few months ago, Ryan fixed their computer or something and when he came out to go to work that morning, they had written "geek squad" on his car window. The other night it was pretty hot out so we were hanging around outside with our neighbors. We might have been doing a little bit of drinking (just a little). And someone came up with the idea to saran wrap Lexi's car. After we saran wrapped it, we TP'ed it. Right as we were putting the finishing touches on the car, her dad pulls up. Luckily he is a pretty cool guy (he might have been doing some drinking, too) and he tells us that she is camping for the next 5 we wait. She comes home, thinks its funny and tells us to watch out...well I guess she got us, because I think she used 20 rolls of TP, plus the sprinklers came on that night so there was wet TP everywhere!!
Poor Ryan he had to pick it all up!
So now the ball is in Ryan's court and he wants to get her back....GET READY!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Peachy!!

Sunday was another great day! The weather was a little more to my liking at 87 degrees!! The boys had fun playing outside in the pool.

Liam has a bunch more teeth coming in because the mouth is really bothering him. The only thing that makes him happy is eating a peach, nectarine or watermelon slice. Luckily, it was the first week of peaches at the Baird Farm stand at the farmers market, so I loaded up on the good stuff.

Liam attacked the peach like it was his last meal. There was certain hell to pay if anyone tried to pry that peach out of his hands. Once he ate it all the way down to the pit I had to pry it out of his hand and he threw a huge fit.

I have to give a shout-out to Ryan for this weekend....he is recovering nicely from his back issues and got more stuff done on Saturday than he has gotten done in the last 2 weeks! He helped me clean the garage, he put the camper back in the garage (it has been sitting on the street since March) and he mowed and weed wacked the lawn. I love you, babe!

While we were cleaning out the garage, I took our suitcases down from the attic for our trip to CT!! Only a few more days left. Of course with everything going on right now, I want to leave right now...Tyler is really excited, he can't wait to eat a bunch of lobster (honestly, either can I) I have rounded up a few bottles of wine and read up on the lastest TSA regulations for what you can bring on the plane, so we are all set to go!! I hope CT is ready for these ORE-Y-GON boys!!!

Washington Park

Saturday started out with our May-October weekly ritual of the farmers market. I bought about $40 worth of fruit! Tyler wanted a little something of everything. All the blueberries that we bought are almost gone, those two kids can eat some blueberries! The weather was pretty chilly in the morning, so Tyler didn't go running in the water fountain like he normal does.

After nap time we went to Washington Park. It is a huge park about 8 miles from our house. The Oregon Zoo is at Washington Park and we have been to the zoo many times, but we have never been to the rest of the park, which is about 400 acres all in all. One of Ryan's friends told us about a huge playstructure at Washington park, so we decided to head out there on Saturday since the weather was just about perfect. (I thought it got a bit chilly, but Ryan said it was perfect!). I tried to get a picture of Tyler, but he was just too fast, he didn't stop running the entire time we were there. Liam was practically running around the park also!

After the kids ran around like maniacs for about 1 1/2 hours we went to get some dinner. We stopped at 3 restaurants and all had a HUGE wait!! After an hour of driving and finding parking, we almost went home to eat cereal, but then we remembered our old trusty standby...the buffet! As always Tyler sat with his butt firmly in his seat and ate all sorts of stuff. Liam did really good too, he ate just about everything I put in front of him...You gotta love the buffett when you have kids under the age of 6!!!!

More of Liam's Birthday pics...

As promised, here are more of Liam's birthday pics. he loved the ice cream cake that Ryan made from him. Of course his tummy didn't like it later....all the sugar gave him some "poop" issues....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Liam!!!!

Here is our little bundle of joy on Friday 7/13/07

And here he is our walking monster 1 year later almost to the minute...

More Pics to come, but those of you that can't wait....check out the video of him walking. He does more walking than crawling these days!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You asked for it...

Ok, Ok, so I am way behind on my posts, but what else is new? The job is keeping me busy and Ryan has been pretty busy too, although he isn't in school anymore...hmmm...

Anyway, we went camping over 4th of July weekend. It was fun! The weather was good, not too hot, but no rain!!

Here is a pic of Tyler running around with his"light-saber" that Ryan made for him!

Liam had so much fun camping! I am not sure, which kid has more fun, Tyler or Liam!

Liam eating dirt!
Liam up against a fallen tree in the campsite!
Tyler by the Clackamas River, the river was WAY too cold!! But the dogs had fun and Tyler loved throwing rocks in the river!
Tyler in a hammock.
Tyler and Liam playing in the pool in the backyard.

All my handsome men after their haircuts!

Look!!! Tyler isn't crying!!!! He usually screams up a storm and it is pretty embarassing, but this time he promised that he wouldn't cry and he didn't!!

He almost cried, but he held it together!

Tyler wanted it sit in the motorcycle like his Uncle Mike!!

Look at that Handsome boy!

Liam loved to play with all the toys at the hair cut place!

Liam did great with his haircut! He didn't cry at all!!

CRAZY HAIR before the haircut!


Liam loves to play outside, he does a good job walking outside!

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan set up a tent outside and him and Tyler slept outside the entire night in the tent. Of course, Tyler didn't go to sleep until after 10pm, but he had so much fun!! Ryan is going to take him backpacking in a couple of weeks.

Ryan was testing out his new gear in the backyard!

Since Tyler has been so into dinosaurs, we are lucky that all the museums and the zoo have dinosaur exhibits....We took Ty and Liam to the zoo for the dinosaur exhibit and he wasn't sure what to make of it, the dinosaurs were very big and very loud!!! At the end of the dinosaur exhibit there was a slide and Tyler went down it about 10 times!!

The big T-Rex, it was a robotic T-Rex, so it moved pretty fast and made a very loud roar!! Tyler was pretty shocked until he got used to it!

Here is some cute video of Tyler and Liam sharing ice cream!