Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Truck Finally!

Well its not really new, but its new to me. Anyways wasn't planning on this till later next year, but an opportunity came up and I decided to get it. Its a 2005 Dodge Quad Cab 2500 (gotta pull a trailer, no its not diesel, could not afford that), but it has a lot more room for us and the kids than my old dakota did.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas on Wisteria Place!!!

Yes! That is correct, we have our Christmas Lights up already. Well almost up....there was a slight miscalculation and we needed to buy more lights.

So why do we have our lights up so early....??
We couldn't just let our neighbors be the only ones to have their lights up!!!
To those keeping score, our neighbor's technically won. They put the lights up real quick and turned them on, while Ryan was still putting ours up. But, by the time Ryan is done with our yard we are going to have more lights than them. I think the rest of the neighborhood thinks that we are all nuts, but what do we care?!

Landon turns 2!!

Ryan's friend from work Sara, invited us to her son's 2nd Birthday party. It was a John Deere party and there was a house full of kids, all under the age of 8. Somehow there was no alcohol served at the party and we all survived. Liam and Tyler had so much fun!!
Gracie is so cute!! Ryan kept trying to trade her for Liam, but somehow it just wasn't working!

Tyler stuffing his face with cake!

Liam wasn't so sure when I started to hold Gracie!! He got a little jealous.

There is the birthday boy!!!!

More Soccer Class!!

Ryan took our new camera to soccer class and figured out how to use the "action shot" feature and viola 130 pictures later, here are a few of the good ones!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Package from Latimer Point

The other day a package from Latimer Point showed up!! It contained all the wonderful Latimer Point items that one will need for the next beach season. The boys were especially happy to discover the beach balls. I have to say: Great- Grandma is very smart, you can tell she raised a bunch of kids herself....there was one ball with Tyler's name on it and one with Liam's name on it!!

Halloween Night!!

Ok, I know I am pretty far behind on my blog, but I am trying to catch up. Here are the pics from Halloween night!!! Our pumpkins are lit!

Liam got tired of walking, so good thing we took the wagon along!!

Tyler and Liam knew exactly what to do when we got to each house, they would walk right up and Tyler would ring the doorbell and they would stand their waiting for candy.

We took the neighbor's with us and Tyler had so much fun running from house to house!

Liam was able to grab a piece of candy, of course, I would not open it for him, so he just sucked and sucked on the wrapper until he would able to tear the wrapper and get some candy out. That kid was so happy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Intel Halloween Party

Every year Intel has a nice Halloween party for the kids. This year it was a HUGE party!! There were over 400 people that showed up, mostly kids! Some of the costumes were really cool. I also added another post after the Haircuts post, so scroll down to see more pictures!!

Liam is reaching for food, of course! Tyler playing "golf" for candy. Liam kept stealing all the balls from the kids trying to play.

They had ALOT of candy there, but they also had apples, so good thing I grabbed one and let Liam walk around with it all night!

Master Yoda!!
Tyler and Liam won a cupcake from one of the games, that thing was gone is two seconds!! As soon as Tyler took it out of the box, Liam knew exactly what it was and wanted it immediately!!

Right when we walked into the party area there was this huge inflatable castle to greet us. Tyler and Liam were both amazed by it! By the end of the night Tyler figured out that he could "fight" the ghosts.


My mom was VERY brave, she took both Tyler and Liam at the same time and all by herself to get haircuts! She said something about them not listening...but I just told think she was chasing after then fast enough.

Thanks mom!! I have little boys again, instead of little girls!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Prep

Here we are getting ready for Halloween...the house is all decorated and the pumpkins are being carved.