Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My favorite Holiday reminds me of my grandparents

It didn't come after the memorial service...

It didn't come after Lobster day...

Will it come over Thanksgiving? My favorite holiday and the holiday to mark my grandparents anniversary and my grandmother's birthday.

Probably not.

Will it ever come? Does it need to come?

These are the questions that I have been asking myself over the last few weeks. I may be 3000 miles away, but it seems like we are still stuck, still searching, still waiting, still looking for closure.

Maybe it is just me, maybe I can't get the closure because I am far away and don't see how the family interacts. I don't think it is just me though.

I think how November 2009 came and how I felt when it really has been a year since we said goodbye to our grandparents, I think deep down inside we all knew that would be the last time we would see them like that. Them... how we know them. I was not there for the going away picnic, but from the photos they looked so happy, especially grandpa. He was pulled from the brink and was going on to live his life like normal. Going to Florida, only a little bit behind schedule. See, nothing ever changes in Connecticut. One of the things that I could count on.

Here we are now, just days away from Thanksgiving, this was always my favorite holiday and seeing my grandmother in action on this holiday as a kid made me want to be just like her. Since I was 21, I have prepared a Thanksgiving meal each year, with only one exception – their 60th anniversary celebration dinner.

It has been 8 months since they have passed and in that time our family has had so much happen, so much personal tragedy and so much triumph. It seems almost impossible that all that has happened in a short 8 month time frame. It is like karma was getting even with us, things were good for so long and then we just had to deal with some bad stuff for a while. But then I remember, no matter how bad it keeps getting, how impossible it all seems – think of what Grandma and Grandpa went through. All of the loss that they suffered and they just kept going forward. For a good part of her life, Gram was a teacher. Even in her death, she is still a teacher.

I am not sure when closure for me will come. Maybe it will come next summer when I come back to Latimer Point and stay at the cottage. Maybe it will come when I go to visit their grave site, maybe it will come when I can finally work up the courage to watch the DVD of photos that my cousins worked so hard to put together. For now, I take comfort in something as simple as my grandmother's perfectly printed Jam labels, I carry one that says "blueberry" with me all the time.

Maybe it will never come...then what? I guess I'll just have to live life like my grandparents taught me. One day at a time and don't lose sight of what is right in front of you. Although I am very sad that they are no longer with us...I shudder at the thought that we could have never have had them to begin with and I am happy that I has as much time with them as I did.

I miss them, but I am happy!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Minam Hunting Trip 2009 = success!

This was the Lostine River we camped next too in the Eagle Cap Wilderness

We got dumped on for 3 days during the trip

The Hunting crew (Joe, Sean, Ryan)

The 4x4 that I ended up getting midway through the trip

Not a bad rack if I say so myself

Friday, September 4, 2009

Think he likes ice cream! Boys got a treat night for potty training (Liam) and doing a great job getting his haircut like a big boy (Tyler!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Saturday we decided to head to the Lake (Hagg Lake), since Tyler had been asking to go fishing for many weeks now. Anyway I went early in the morning to get a bike ride in around the single track loop with some friends, and Jules and the kids met me out there afterwards. We packed a picnic lunch, Julie bought her fishing license and we threw the poles in the water after eating. Low and behold they were hittin like crazy (ok not really), but the kids did reel in quite a few of these little guys. We threw them all back (I think it was the same one that was really hungry!). The kids loved it, so we are planning another fishing trip for next weekend, and I am going to squeeze in another MTB ride!

Tyler with his first fish caught!

Mom helping out the proud fisherman

Liam caught some too!

Tyler with another catch

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Haircuts at Home!

We normally take the kids to a fun kids only haircut place, but it is summer and they do not need fancy haircuts, besides their hair grows so fast! So, we bought some clippers at Target and after one session, they have already paid for themselves! Here are the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Photos. Can you guess which child behaved better???

Liam, before!

During - he looks like a little girl in this picture.
Holding still for daddy!
Almost done!
Dad is just putting on the finishing touches!
Cheese!!! (Note Tyler is in the background, already negotiating to avoid getting his haircut) Not too, bad, the light blond hair hides any mistakes, so his actually looks pretty good!
Tyler before - enjoying his last few moments of happiness!
Tyler during, he was pretty squirmy.
Tyler screaming! He hates it and is yelling that is hurts.
Tyler is pissed! Look at his face.
And there is the happy boy with his half, hack job of a haircut since he would not sit still. It actually isn't that bad. Ryan did a good job considering he had a screaming child for the entire 5 minutes that it took to cut his hair.
Yes, we will pay for a real haircut for Tyler before he starts Kindergarten!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow in Portland?!?!

Now that Spring is here and we have even had a few summer days, we need remember to horrible event that happened in Portland this winter....SNOW!

Tyler is standing in front of our house at the edge of the road. Do you see the road? NO, because they don't plow here!! If you don't plow, then why does it snow?! Or maybe I should ask if it snows, then shouldn't you plow?

Anyway, the kids had a ton of fun and I hadn't seen that much snow on the ground since April 1997 when I lived in Boston.

The freezing rain is GREAT here. Nothing beats 10 inches of snow with 1 solid inch of freezing rain on top.....

Tyler and our neighbor McKenzie sledding down their driveway!

Liam was confused and didn't really like the snow at all (yep, he's my son!)

And this post concludes, 2008. Hopefully I will get started on our 2009 stuff!!! Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Grandma's Homemade Devil Dogs!!!

At work a couple of weeks ago, we decided to have a pot luck for the 1st day of Spring!! I signed up for making Devil Dogs. I had a couple of people come up to me and ask what a Devil Dog is? One person even thought it was some sort of hot dog....

So, on Friday I brought in a whole tray (double recipe). I didn't even make it through the front door before people were eating them. They were a big hit!! It was only the second time I made the recipe, so I am happy that they came out good and that everyone liked them. Thanks Gram for a great tradition!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I can't even title this post....

To say that she was the world's best Grandma doesn't describe it....

I knew when I was blogging about my Grandpa that I was going to be doing another post very shortly for my Grandma, I hoped that it wouldn't happen that way, but I knew in my heart it would. The day my Grandpa passed away, I was at work when I got the call, my co-workers asked me what was wrong and I shared the news with them. I immediately said, "If my Grandmother lasts a week, I'll be shocked." Well, 9 days later, she went to join her husband and I am happy for her and sad for me all at the same time. Every moment of those 9 days, I wanted to call her up and beg her not to go, to tell her that I still have so much more to learn from her, but I knew it would not be fair, I knew she would teach me my final lesson very shortly. When you believe you should be with someone, than always be with them, no matter where they lead you nor how painful or hard it may be at times....

My grandmother was an amazing woman and I have so many cherished memories of her. Even though she is gone, she will always be with me because I feel that I am very similar to her in many ways.

Growing up, I have such fond memories of spending the week at "Camp Grandma". My cousins and I would all spend a week at the cottage and make too much noise for Grandpa, but just the right amount for Grandma! One year when I was 6 or 7, I showed up later in the evening when all my cousins were already in their PJ's and watching a movie with some popcorn. Grandma urged me to quickly get my PJ's on, so I could sit with my cousins and eat the popcorn before it was all gone.

I remember my Grandma taking me swimming at the little beach after dark, when the water was still "bath water" warm and the fish lit up the water. She was always the tannest grandma around! One time me and a couple of cousins (Kathryn, I think) went down to Florida for a school break - Grandma took us all to Vero Beach for the day and we all got "sun-burned", well, we thought it was sunburn until my grandma discovered that her skin was red also....it was immediately decided that we did not have sunburn, we all had "Wind-burn" because our grandma did NOT GET sunburn.

At Latimer point, I was always in such awe of my grandmother when it was time to sell tickets for the Annual Latimer Point picnic, she was the one who sold the tickets and collected all the cash, growing up I though it was the best job in the world!! She was so important and everyone wanted to talk to her and ask her advice on things. She would always introduce me to however she was talking to, I always thought that was neat - especially when I was a little kid. One year, she got us the 1st tickets, #1! It was pretty cool!

When I was old enough to drive, I would spend as much time as possible at Latimer Point, even though I worked all summer, I was determined to spend time with my grandparents. On nights when I could get off by 9pm, I would drive over and spend the night with them, sometimes I would do this for weeks on end. Grandma would always wait up for me, just to make sure that I made it home safe. She would always take such good care of us at the beach, there was always a huge basket of sunscreen, a fridge full of snacks and a host of bikes to ride. I would remember about 5pm in the evening she would start the appetizers, it was typically cheese, crackers and all sorts of good snacking food!!

While in college, I would try and take the train down a couple times a summer, just to spend the weekend or the day with the them. She was always so happy to see me!

After college, I decided to move to San Diego, everyone else thought I would be back soon, but I knew that I would not. Saying goodbye to my grandma was the hardest thing. I remember the day like it was yesterday, I said goodbye to my family and my grandma was the last person for me to say goodbye to, I turned to her and just completely broke down crying. She took my into her arms and whispered some grandmotherly words of encouragement. I almost decided not to move, just because I didn't want to leave her.

The first time I brought Ryan back to Latimer Point, I told him on the plane ride - "just wait until you get to my grandma's house, she always has some excellent baked goods". After a long flight we arrived and much to my horror there were not any baked goods. Ryan and I were hungry so we started nosing around looking for something to eat and that is when Grandma made us corn muffins- nothing special, just the corn muffins out of the Jiffy Box. Ryan turned to me and said "these are the best corn muffins I have ever had!" And you know what? They were!

My Grandmother was a kindergarten teacher for many years. I remember one time, I was about 4 or 5 and I spent the day in Mrs. Meehan's class. She was so happy to be there with her class and I was so happy and proud to tell everyone that Mrs. Meehan is my grandmother.

Even with such a large family, she never missed a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day, St. Patricks day or Easter card. More often that not, the cards were filled with confetti!! She always bought us Victoria's Secret PJ's for Christmas. Instead of stockings she would fill up these giant gift bags with candy, pens, post it notes (I still have a couple of them left) and all sorts of other trinkets that we could not live without. She would always sent me my annual Latimer Point paraphernalia consisting of hats and T-Shirts.

Before my grandparents retired to Florida there was always a HUGE celebration at Occum Lane for Thanksgivings with all the traditional fixings. That day was always one of the happiest all year for me, perhaps that is why I have ALWAYS cooked a huge, traditional Thanksgiving dinner every since I was 21.

I am going to miss the matching outfits that she would purchase for all the great grand kids, her excitement when I would visit her and she would get to show off something new that she found or purchased, her words of wisdom that she would give me when I was having a rough time, the nice chats that we would have on the phone when she would fill me in on all the family gossip and the love and strong sense of family that she instilled in me. Gram - I hope that I can be at least 1/4 of the woman that you are. I love you and miss you so much already!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paris Hilton Move Over!

Just messing around with camera

Quad City

Two Jokers Hamming it up on the Quad Montage!

More Family (Canady) photos from around the holidays

Some more family photos of the Canady's from the holidays, just wanted to share

Tyler and Liam in the requisite "same sweater that we got for Christmas" photo (mom trying to corral them for the photo)

Hmm, trying to remember exactly what was going on here, but just looks like typical brother stuff, Tyler beating up his younger brother.

Ahh, these kids look sooooo HAPPPYYYY!

4 generations on my mothers side! L-R : Liam, Julie, Ryan, Barbara (Great Grandma), Jim (Papa), and Linda (Nana)

New Camping Trailer

Late last year we sold our small pop up trailer and bought something a little bigger and a little bit nicer. Anyhow since my dear mother-in- law requested pictures here they are. There should soon be some pics from our inaugural trip to Seal Rock up pretty soon.

Here is the trailer:

This is the back where the two bunkbeds and bathroom are at. There is a shower/tub, sink and toilet.

Galley area with Fridge, freezer, and pantries. Microwave and Oven. The back door is to the bathroom

The dinette and sofa, both of which convert to twin beds. The dinette is on a slideout.

Front bedroom which has a queen bed and a couple of small closets.