Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow in Portland?!?!

Now that Spring is here and we have even had a few summer days, we need remember to horrible event that happened in Portland this winter....SNOW!

Tyler is standing in front of our house at the edge of the road. Do you see the road? NO, because they don't plow here!! If you don't plow, then why does it snow?! Or maybe I should ask if it snows, then shouldn't you plow?

Anyway, the kids had a ton of fun and I hadn't seen that much snow on the ground since April 1997 when I lived in Boston.

The freezing rain is GREAT here. Nothing beats 10 inches of snow with 1 solid inch of freezing rain on top.....

Tyler and our neighbor McKenzie sledding down their driveway!

Liam was confused and didn't really like the snow at all (yep, he's my son!)

And this post concludes, 2008. Hopefully I will get started on our 2009 stuff!!! Stay tuned.