Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Saturday we decided to head to the Lake (Hagg Lake), since Tyler had been asking to go fishing for many weeks now. Anyway I went early in the morning to get a bike ride in around the single track loop with some friends, and Jules and the kids met me out there afterwards. We packed a picnic lunch, Julie bought her fishing license and we threw the poles in the water after eating. Low and behold they were hittin like crazy (ok not really), but the kids did reel in quite a few of these little guys. We threw them all back (I think it was the same one that was really hungry!). The kids loved it, so we are planning another fishing trip for next weekend, and I am going to squeeze in another MTB ride!

Tyler with his first fish caught!

Mom helping out the proud fisherman

Liam caught some too!

Tyler with another catch

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