Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ok, so I have messed around and messed around with this video...I know that I was able to rotate it once, but I can't figure out how to do it just tilt your head to the left and ENJOY!!

The first video was taken about 1 month ago, the 2nd video is so cute and it was taken on Friday.!!

Liam "posing for the camera"
More poses...what a ham!!!!

Tyler is pretty hard to get a picture of these days, that kid is fast and doesn't sit still at all!!!

Tyler having fun at a party!!

Liam is almost a computer tech!
Liam liked the swing!!

Ok some random stuff! Of course, the big news was Ryan's graduation!! YEAH after 7 years, I don't think either of us really think he is done. It will be short lived because he is off to grad school soon!

Luckily Ryan got another job offer with Intel, right in his same area, just as a Engineer! So, unlike me he will be using his degree. He is just waiting on some details before all that is official, but if everything goes through, it will be a Monday-Friday 8-5 type job, so we might even be able to have a normal life.

With all the excitement with Ryan...I actually have had quite a bit of excitement with my career. I quit my job at Emerald Staffing after 5 1/2 years to accept an offer at Leonard Adams Insurance to be the Assistant to the Commercial Lines Manager. I am hoping it is a good career move for me. The company is bigger and it is a new industry! I will be doing all their Human Resources and general management there, of course that is all after I learn to speak insurance! I start my new job on Monday! So wish me luck!

My friend at work had a going away party for me on Friday, so alot of the above pics are from that! Tyler and Liam had so much fun!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ryan Graduated!!!

After 7 LONG years!! Ryan graduated on Friday! Of course it isn't "really" official yet because PSU mails the diploma's out (stupid-I know). But at least he went to the ceremony and his name was on the program as a graduate, so I am feeling pretty confident that he finished!

I tried to take some pictures but the lighting was horrible! You would think that for the commencement ceremony for the Electrical Engineering department that they would at least figure out how to use some lights, but I guess some things just aren't meant to be!

Enjoy the few pics and Congrats to RYAN!!!