Monday, January 28, 2008

SNOW DAY!!! (actually 2 hours)

The snow finally came today! We had about 1 inch and of course that completely shut everything down for about 2 hours. By 11am the roads were dry and the sun was shining. So luckily before school, Tyler was able to get out and play. I think he lasted exactly 8 minutes! He had his snow boots, snow pants and snow gloves. The weather people are predicting another snow event for tomorrow AM. Tyler would be VERY happy with that.

Liam is on the move. This morning while we were getting ready to go, Liam rolled all over the place. He is working on crawling. He gets himself in this position, but he can't quite get his head up. He creeps forward and they said at school today he was really trying to crawl. Just my luck he will be crawling at the end of the week! I am not ready for this, especially since Tyler didn't crawl until he was 13 months old!

Tyler loves to work on this dinosaur puzzle that his Nana got him for Christmas. Ryan and I worked on it with him a few times, but now he puts it together all by himself! Liam can't wait to help out his big brother.

Liam had his 6 month Dr visit on Friday and he is still tracking bigger than Tyler. He is 27 1/4 inches long and weighs over 17 lbs.

Ryan's birthday is tomorrow! He has to work and go to school, so it is just another day for him! He'll leave the house about 6am and if he is lucky, he will get home about 9pm. Wish him a Happy Birthday! I think he will like it!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I got to go to the Lumberjax game with a friend. Yes, I have to settle for the Lumberjax, since we do not have professional hockey here in Portland. Professional Lacrosse is actually pretty cool! They play about 12 games a year, usually on the weekends and the price is right! Ryan and his friend split our season tickets this year, but since neither of them can go, I got to go to the game with a friend! They lost in OT and there weren't any major fights, but lots of action!

Tyler and Liam stayed home with a babysitter and they were both pretty good. Liam fell asleep with out me! He got me back though, because he was up at midnight and at 5am. Little brat!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have been saying all day that it is Connecticut cold out!! It very rarely gets below freezing here and we are headed into our third day of below freezing temps...they even used the phrase "Wind Chill", that is something that you only hear a handful of times a year here. Maybe we will get some snow over the weekend, so Tyler can have fun and play!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Ryan took Tyler to "Walking with Dinosaurs" at the Rose Garden. It is a pretty neat event, you actually do not get to walk with the dinos... but you get to sit in your seat and watch the lifesized dinos walk around the stage. Ryan said it was pretty loud! I had to stay home with Liam, so I missed the whole thing. Ryan said that Tyler did good, he wasn't scared at all and stayed in his seat pretty much the whole time.

Check out the Video that someone posted on You Tube
The Dino parade continues. OMSI (Science Museum) has an exhibit starting in Feb and the Zoo has robotic Dino's starting in May...good thing the kid likes Dinos.

Swim 101

Well, Tyler went to swim class on Saturday. We were running a couple of minutes late, so Ryan quickly got him to the pool area when all the other kids were already in the pool. Tyler hesitated a second then got right in.

The set up was pretty neat...I enrolled him in a class for pre-schoolers that can't yet swim, basically just a get used to the water type class. It is a regular pool, the water is up to the chest on an adult, but they had these submerged platforms for the kids to stand on. Tyler got right in and had a HUGE smile on his face, he took a few steps and stepped right off the edge! He went underwater and the teacher grabbed him and put him back on the step. I thought for sure that was it, but he was fine. He was fine until about 20 mins into the class and he started crying and freaking out! He stayed in the water for 29 of the 30 minutes of class, so he did good. The poor kid was so cold when I finally pulled him out of the pool, I think he just got himself worked up.
The picture is hard to see, so that is Tyler with the teacher and the red kickboard.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Buffet Palace

We went to Buffet Palace tonight for Dinner. It was our only night of the week to eat dinner as a family since Ryan has school or work every other night, so it was fun to go out!

Tyler loves the Buffet Palace as soon as I asked him if he wanted to go, he ran and got his shoes and coat on all by himself....hmmm....he usually plays the helpless act every other time, but you say "Buffet" and he was ready to go in 2 minutes! He likes to eat the "beans", (Edamame), Fruit (he ate so much fruit) and he played with some crab legs! Plus he got to eat for free, so the price is right. Liam just like checking everything out, he was a good boy, too.

No pics tonight...Tyler goes for his first solo swim lesson tomorrow. I wonder if he will get into the water all by himself. I think you can do a poll on Blogger...maybe I'll try to figure it out.
Stay tuned because we have an action packed weekend ahead!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Emmy loves me!!!

As much of a pain in the ass that Emmy is, she is really good with the kids. Ryan seems to remind me on a daily basis that if Emmy wasn't good with the kids that she would be gone.

Now, would you believe that this sweet, loving dog barks ALL day and jumps out of her 7 foot kennel and over the 6 foot fence?

We had a little weather action this AM in Portland. We had snow FLURRIES and tiny bit of ice. Of course that was cause for massive school closures and a 2 hour delay here in Beaverton. Luckily for me Ryan called in sick to work so he took the kids to school so I could get to work on time. Of course Ryan didn't think he was so lucky, he was pretty sick today. And had to deal with two small children until 9am. I got home from work and cooked him dinner, I think he will survive. I just hope that I don't get sick now.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dinosaur Wars

Tyler had fun this weekend with his dinosaurs! Check out the video, they both make tons of noise and roar and growl, he likes to terrorize the dog with these, also! It is pretty funny! Thank you Uncle Brent and Santa for the superloud dinos!

Liam turned 6 months old on Sunday! Before you know it, I will sending him off to college!

Tyler was demanding that I take a picture of him, too! Here he is with his best "CHEESE" face! He is holding a stuffed puppy in his hands! He won't go anywhere without "puppy". Puppy comes to dinner, goes to bed, watches him take a bath. Tyler won puppy at a reading contest at school. I wonder what life was like pre-puppy, because with puppy it is an all consuming keeping track of puppy all day long!

More fighting Dino's...sorry a bit out of sequence.

There is a bad cold going around and Ryan and I are starting to get sick hold on tight, there might not be much posting this week. So far, the boys are OK, lets hope it stays that way!

Enjoy the video!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Minor Glitches Fixed

OK Day 2 we are still here! I am still learning all the features, so Ryan fixed some of the minor glitches, anyone can now leave comments. I still haven't figured out why some of you (my mom) can't view the video, but I have been able to view no problem..

Anywhere here are some pics from today.

Tyler was a little brat, he didn't take a nap at school today. They took him outside and had him run laps around the cul-de-sac instead!

Liam flirted with all the girls and ate, of course!! I put him on the scale and he weighs about 18lbs. Maybe he will sleep through the night...haha..yeah right!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to Insane Chaos!!

I admit it! I don't know what I am doing or why I am doing this...I really don't have time to start a blog project like this, but what the heck. I am inspired by my cousin Maegen and her husband, Jay. See, they emailed me one day to say that they have this little blog. Actually, I think the exact email was "Jay and I are sort of dorks and we have a blog" I started to read it and I thought, what a GREAT idea. I guess I am a dork, too! Anyway....1 month later and I am totally addicted to their blog! It dawned on me last night, I should do a blog for the boys, so everyone can check in on them. I realize that we are so far away from family and it is hard on everyone. Also, I do not send out pictures and video enough (yes Mom, I know). So, I hope this will be a quick and easy way for me to take a few moments a few times a week to post some pictures and to give everyone an idea of what is going on!! ENJOY!