Monday, February 23, 2009


My cute Rockstar baby!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Every year around Christmas we go to Zoolights. They string lights (LED- of course) on just about every inch of the zoo. Luckily we went this year on a really nice night, it was about 50 degrees out, so we got to take our time and look at all the lights. We even got to see the baby elephant!!

Tyler and Liam had a good time looking at everything, too!!

Hopefully, I will have Christmas done in the next couple of posts!!!

The Quad!!!

Liam likes the Quad just as much as Tyler did at his age!!

Even the boys like it together!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that I am behind...maybe in March you will see Feburary Posts!!!
Here is Liam eating his Thanksgiving food. His favorite was the homemade cranberry sauce.

Notice...he has two plates....He ate just about everything, too!

And Tyler on the other hand didn't even come close to eating 1/4 of this....

Look how nice our house looks for Christmas....Ryan did a great job with the decorating this year!!

Oh yeah...we have a Blog!!

2 months goes by real fast, really fast when you do not update your blog!! OK, we have been major slackers. You would think that after we purchased a new camera with fancy lens' that we would have all sorts of photos to post on the blog. Well....that is just the thing, we DO have all sorts of photos to put on the blog, about 1500 to be exact!

Updating our blog is like paying off credit card debt, if I just do the minimum each day then it will take me like 10 years to update it. Maybe Obama will have a bail out plan to put more hours in the day, so I can get everything done!!

In the meantime enjoy some photos, these are all around November 2008, eventually we will catch up.
Liam climbed into the lego bin and could not get out, it was pretty funny!!

Liam can eat a banana better than a monkey!