Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liam Update!!

I was so excited about getting all caught up on the blog that I completely forgot about the Liam news.

He finally has TWO teeth! Both of his bottom teeth came in on St. Patrick's Day (of course!!). We all had some sleepless nights the week before his teeth came in, but now all seems to be fine!

Also, the other big news, he just about has the hang of crawling. He was crawling all over my bedroom tonight. He would take a few little crawls and then fall on his stomach and then take a few more crawls and fall on his stomach....he had a HUGE smile on his face the whole time. I'll try and get some pictures or video tomorrow.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog Catch Up!!

Wow, we have alot going on in the Canady household, here is a quick catch up!!!

After Grammy left, Tyler and Liam were both actually really good. Tyler got all his stickers at school the next day and overall really good!!

Tyler went to a birthday party for his friend Conner. They had the party at this place called "Pump it Up", where they have all inflatable bouncy, jumpy things. As you can see from the pictures he went nuts. I felt bad for Liam, he really wanted to get out there and play with the kids.

Here he is going down the slide!!

Aw, Amelia is giving him a big kiss!!

Here is Liam on his 8-month birthday!! His hair is crazy and he sits up so well right now. Of course he is still drooling a ton!

Tyler and Liam in the bathtub!! Tyler likes to share his toys in the tub!

Look at the handsome boy!! He looks so much different once I tamed the crazy hair!

He looks like a completely different boy!!

We went to Claim Jumper last Thursday. The kids had so much FUN! It is new chain here in Portland, so after a few tries, we finally went when it wasn't so crowded. They are really a good restaurant for the kids, they brought out a free dish of finger food for the baby, he didn't like it so much, but it was pretty neat. The food was crazy and there was so much of it!!

Liam kept trying to grab our food!!


And somehow the fun never ends here! Ryan is on Spring Break and he took the week off of work as well, so he is tiling the Master Bathroom, he is one day into the project and I think he is majorly regretting it! Also, we got a bid for new granite counter tops, so we are going to get those, so no more PINK counter tops!!! We also got a bid to replace the pink counter tops in the kitchen, but we will wait until summer to see about that! Pretty soon I might have a master bath that is sort of in this decade and not 1987! More pics to follow!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Pics....

Grammy is leaving tomorrow and the boys are going to be very sad!! Tyler has been spoiled with toys and everything he wants and Liam has been held nonstop!!! I feel sorry for the teachers at school tomorrow!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


And, of course the boys are being spoiled beyond belief!! But we wouldn't have it any other way! Both Tyler and Liam and being very good for Grammy. I tried to take Tyler one last time to go swimming for Grammy, but he wouldn't even get near the pool. He has turned into a big chicken since Liam was born, he used to be such a daredevil! I think next round of classes, I am going to take Liam on a "Baby and Me" class to see what Tyler thinks of that!
Here is Tyler getting his haircut...again, one of the things that he is deathly afraid of since Liam was born. He used to do OK getting his haircut but now we have to hold him down. He yelled and screamed soooooo loud. By the way, he was the only kid that yelled and screamed...yeah embarassing!!!

Here are just some random pictures over the past couple of weeks!

Here is a "Neat trick" that Grammy taught Liam, he can't pull himself up on his own yet, but he sure LOVED to stand there!! We are still waiting for crawling to happen and his first tooth, but I am confident that both will happen any day now!!
More pics soon!!