Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

These last three weeks have been pretty busy!! Ryan's mom came out for Mother's Day weekend. We had a great time! The boys had so much fun with her. Ryan took us out to an amazing brunch at one of the nice hotel's downtown...we had Salmon, Ahi, Oysters, cheeses and all sorts of fruit. Plus the dessert area was amazing (I think that was Tyler's favorite part!)

We had to get a new washer recently, our old one was making this awful noise and Ryan was sure that it would go out at any moment, so sure enough, after almost 10 years of marriage, my husband committed an unspeakable act and got me a washing machine for Mother's day. I'm a lucky gal...what can I say! Liam loves the washer, he loves to watch the clothes go around!

Here he is at 10 months old! I almost forgot to take pictures that day, so this was right before bedtime! He still has some "crazy hair"!

The weekend after Mother's Day, I went up to Mt Hood for a company retreat. (yeah, fancy word for party). My boss has a 6000 sq ft "cabin" in Government Camp, there is still so much snow there. At his house there was literally 20 feet of snow piled up on the side of the house. It was really wierd because it was about 85 degrees out and 20 feet of are some scenery shots.

Last weekend, Memorial Day, we took our annual camping trip to Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon. Tyler had so much fun, he really loves camping!

Tyler did a good job sitting by the fire with the other kids! That kid can eat some marshmallows!

Here is Liam in "jail". He didn't like to spend any time in his playpen, he had much more fun out crawling and walking around! Speaking of walking...he can take 2-3 steps here and there on his own and every day he seems to be getting better! I am pretty sure that he will be walking no problem by summer! Look out Connecticut!

Tyler and the dogs in the dog park!

Liam loves to hang out in the hammock, he would pull the flaps over himself and play peek-a-boo!

After we got back from Camping, Liam discovered the quad. Ryan caught him standing on the seat area! FUTURE STUNTER??

Other than being super busy, the kids are doing well! Tyler is really into Star Wars, Ryan has these legos that he let Tyler play with and then one day we let him watch the movies....big mistake...all he does is talk about Star Wars. Yesterday he asked me for a Yoda costume for Halloween....oh man, he is all boy!
I am going to try and attach some video of Liam walking.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

3rd Generation Submariner??

Well, I don't know about that...(Tyler isn't so silent!!!), but Tyler sure had fun all over the submarine at the museum. He is finally old enough to go on the sub so Ryan took him on Friday. Ryan said he tried to play it cool on tour, like he was just another tourist, but he said that somehow it slipped that he was on a sub before and of course the tour guide was full of questions!! Liam and Ryan's mom hung out at the baby section of the museum...sorry Liam you have about 3 more years before you can go on the sub!!!